CXC Junior Development Program September Camp Recap

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 2.15.05 PMThe Junior Development Program just wrapped up with its first fall camp this past weekend in Blue Mounds, WI. I got to say that I couldn’t believe the kind of terrain that was out in the area. Wide open roads and lots of hills made for some great training for those who were able to make it. With cross country season happening for a lot of the program, the group was smaller at 8 athletes.

Camp started off with a couple tests that we had ran back in May. The first test we ran was a double max test using the roller ski treadmill that is currently down in Madison, WI. Each athlete showed significant improvement in time on the treadmill from last May. We can attribute it to all the hard work that each one of them has been putting improving their technique and fitness over the last few months.  The second test we ran was a running VO2 Max Test. Again, each athlete showed a lot of improvement in fitness from the last time we tested. We will be able to use these test to re-evaluate or training zones and what things we will need work on going into fall and winter.

In the afternoon we came back out to Blue Mounds and completed a great roller-ski strength workout. A lot of the kids this spring had a goal to improve their double pole so strength has been a focus on and off skis. By the end of the day, all the athletes were pretty exhausted from both tests and a hard ski strength workout. The camp concluded with a nice long distance workout that we did over in Governor Dodge State Park. The roads in the park were perfect for our planned combi ski and run. We had a loop that took about an hour so we did about an hour of both skate and classic and finished it off with a run through some of the hiking trails. Each athlete had between 2.5 and 3 hours for the workout. Overall things are looking good as we move closer to ski season for the Junior Program. Our next camp is in Minocqua, WI the weekend of the 18-20.

– Andy Keller, CXC Development Coach

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