Monday Practices, Veteran’s Sport Clinic and October Paralympic Nordic Ski Team Training Camp

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 1.41.59 PMBraydon and Brendon are now regulars at our Monday practices and it is certainly starting to pay dividends as they are both skiing further and faster, especially up hills. We also have a newcomer in Andrew who is just starting and is now kitted out in a new sit ski. Also a special welcome and thank you to our volunteers; Jessie, Jacob, Noreen and Pat for helping out, I know the children look forward to seeing everyone on Mondays. We have also started lessons again at the Janesville School for the Blind and have five eager student (well some of them anyway).  Thank you to John Brown for showing up on the first day, just like old times.

The Veteran’s Sport Clinic was held at the Princeton Club, where we had members from Chicago, Milwaukee, Tomah and Madison VA’s all attending. We hope people were able to see it on the TV as a good time was had by all despite the rainy weather.

The October Paralympic Nordic Ski Team training camp was held with Goose, Steve, Travis, Keith and James all attending another hard week of working out.  Congratulations also to Goose for becoming the first adaptive person to qualify as a level 100 ski coach. Now he knows what he is doing wrong…

Well with the temperature falling it won’t be long before we’re  all on snow and blaming the wax, not our conditioning for the lack of speed.

Duncan Bathe, CXC Skiing

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