WHY JOIN CXC; Bill Pierce Has Your Answer

By: Peter Graves

Bill Pierce, CXC Skiing

CXC’s Team coach is a man on a mission, he want’s to help produce top flight skiing talent that will go on to make their mark in the future as a member of our national team and beyond. He knows that those goals and lofty performance objectives won’t come easy, but for those with the drive and determination, he knows that CXC can make it happen.

Recently, I talked with Bill about the CXC program, and how interested young athletes can turn their dreams to reality. Here’s a look at that interview.

PG:  Bill, thanks for taking the time. What do young skiers need to know about the CXC program?

BP: “Joining CXC is a unique and great opportunity! A new Olympic cycle is beginning and I see a new generation of young elites making choices to pursue this sport full time! Starting in these cycles is always exciting especially when an athlete and coach can have a vision to the future! CXC is and has been an awesome team and organization! It is so much more than just CXC Team and there is so much to do for growing our sport!”

PG: So Bill, what special things, unique things does CXC offer athletes?

BP: “This last season CXC and Rossignol started on a new relationship to build this sport and support the CXC Team. The first year was unbelievable support and education! Rossignol and staff are the best! With Rossignol, Toko, Start Poles, Bjorn Dahlie, Rudy Project and a few more to come I’m excited to introduce and get our athletes on the best equipment possible. We also have some of the best technology for progressing athletes. Getting athletes introduced and into our training and tracking programs is exciting!

The Central Region of skiing has awesome training venues and opportunities for both dry land and snow. The roller skiing in Hayward, where we are based, and also in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has almost endless opportunities with the necessary terrain. The trail systems and waters also offer many different looking and unique training opportunities.”

PG: How complicated is it for a young skier to start thinking about taking the next step forward?

BP: ” For an athlete to improve and keep progressing is pretty simple. The most important factor is the relationships an athlete has to both the coach and the team. Communication of expectations, feelings, and thoughts is key to building a mutual trust that will progress an athlete to their planned goals. It also takes an understanding and acceptance of the needed time, patience, and commitment. One of the biggest issues in our sport, is that athletes quit too early. There are a lot of reasons for this and CXC is working on most of them, so that these athletes can work till their potential is realized and reached.”


PG: Can you please address what your coaching philosophy is Bill?

BP: “The training processes that we engage in must have a defined purpose. Individual passion comes from and is fired by the enjoyment of these processes. You also must have a vision and goals for these processes. Your goals, both individual and team, must be measurable and tracked. Each individual is encompassed by a mind, body, and spirit. Being balanced in all three will only enhance your enjoyment and success in this and any process in life.

There are only three ways to progress and get faster in this sport.  Physical training, perfecting technic, and possessing the best technical equipment are the three major factors.

There are many important sub factors in each and the bottom line is; the fittest athlete, with the highest skilled technical efficiency, who is on the best equipment….is the fastest. Time (lots of it), Patience (lots of it), and Commitment (lots of it) is what it takes to be the best.

At CXC Skiing our resources for planning and tracking your goals and progression are excellent. Each season early assessments of your base aerobic and strength fitness will be measured for annual periodization planning. We will also assess both through technology and art, the efficiency of your technique, looking both at your ability to apply power and glide. Poling force power can be assessed through advanced tools and the experienced eyes of our coaching staff. Some of the tools that CXC owns are:

·        Running treadmills

·        Roller ski treadmill

·        Double and single poling machines

·        Power pole measuring equipment

·        Instant video recording and feedback as you ski

·        VO2 and lactate measuring equipment and protocol

PG:  Thanks Bill for taking the time to explain how a skier can benefit from the program offerings of CXC, it looks like it is very well thought out, best of luck.

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