82 CXC Coaches Have Become Nationally Certified

Eighty two cross-country ski coaches from CXC have been honored for their hard work and contiuning commitment to excellence.

Included in this release is list of all CXC/USSA Certified Coaches.


CXC is already receiving praise from the USSA, as highlighted in this comment. “CXC has set the standard for coaches education in the United States. Their innovative approach in blending the USSA Level 100 on-line resources with an in-person course and integrating First Aid and CPR training has given coaches in Central the most in-depth learning opportunity available in cross country ski coaching. I applaud CXC, and I especially applaud the many coaches who took the time to travel to and complete the training, more than doubling Central’s cadre of certified coaches. As the majority of these coaches are volunteers, their commitment is particularly remarkable and indicates they have a real passion to help their athletes achieve their full potential. I’m confident that the skiers under the leadership of these coaches will enjoy an even better skiing experience this season and into the future as a result”, – Jon Nolting, Sport Education Director U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.

One of our top WI coaches Ken Schoville had this to say about coaches certification.

“As a “mature” coach with over 30 years experience in Wisconsin High School and Junior National levels, I felt it was in my personal best interest to be certified with USSA, the national governing body.  Sure enough, every facet of the clinic, the material, and the information given during the weekend in Cable we shared strengthened and enlarged my previous body of information, and in some cases presented me with information not yet covered, both in theory and practice. As “practitioners” I feel it important for all coaches to be certified and join together with others in the trade to gather new information and share what we know and our experiences.  Having a large number of coaches in Central with this stamp of approval gives me great pride in knowing we have such dedicated people to move the sport we share a passion for in what I consider a positive direction.” – Ken Schoville, Head Coach U16 (J2) Development Team (NENSA Championships Trip)

“Central is leading the way in coaches certification. This is very important to the development of our athletes, as it assures we can all speak the same language and all understand how to best help our athletes climb the pipeline toward their ultimate goals.” – Reid Lutter, Head Coach Midwest Junior National Team

Out of 167 certified USSA coaches 82 are from Central. CXC certified about 65 coaches last fall.

“We are very pleased about number of coaches have certification in Central Region as we continue to build our CXC organization as an all-encompassing, top to bottom concept that will serve the needs of all our cross-country skier in the Midwest, great coaches are they key to athletic development” added Executive Director Yuriy Gusev.


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