Exciting Veterans Programs Offered By CXC


By:  Peter Graves, CXC Public Relations

CXC has many programs that allow skiers of all ages and abilities to continue to make progress in their sport, and move forward. Our new program for adaptive skiing, which is already strong, is continuing to reach out to disabled veterans, and the results are starting to speak for themselves. CXC is very proud to partner in these much needed programs.

Thanks to an ongoing grant supplied by the U.S. Paralympcis and Veterans Administration to CXC, we are able to out reach with our Adaptive Program to veterans in regional VA hospitals. We are especially proud of programing at places like the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI and with new programs starting in Chicagoland such as the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, and the Edward Hines, Jr. Medical Center, where CXC is reaching out.


These programs of CXC reach out to promote a healthy, recreational and athletic opportunities for veterans of any ability through cross-country skiing and biathlon said Andrew Poffenberger, Sports Manager of CXC. “We are really excited to provide opportunities with year-round events and progressive workouts, that offer achievable goals for veterans. We will also work hard to reach out to potential CXC Para Nordic Team athletes, as these clinics double as talent ID camps for the U.S. Paralympics,” he offered.

The programs will kick off at new locations in July. Each session will feature elements of cardiovascular fitness using the Ski-Erg during the summer, as well as strength and flexibility and biathlon fundamentals, using Eko-Aims infrared rifles, which has been very popular for VA events.


“We are excited about expanding our partnership to the VA system in Chicago.  It is an honor to work with those who gave for our country. The guys really get into our competitions and you can see the pride they have in the skills developed while in the military.  Biathlon is a great sport to introduce to these veterans.  There is a sense of something familiar (marksmanship) yet they are experiencing something completely out of their norm in the ski training,” Poffenberger noted.

For further information of CXC Veterans programs, please contact: duncan.bathe@cxcskiing.org or andrew.poffenberger@cxcskiing.org

To learn more about CXC Adaptive Nordic Ski programming, please visit:

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