CXC Continues To Partner With Rossignol

CXC is proud to announce the continuation of it’s important sponsorship with Rossignol, thru Group Rossignol North America for another season. “We are thrilled to have the support for our athletes with Rossignol, a worldwide leader in the cross-country ski sport. Their support means more of our athlete’s get exposure to World Cup quality gear, that helps them ski better and faster.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.15.14 AM

CXC Team Rossignol Nordic Racing Van


Rossignol, which turned 100 years old in 2007, is a company that supports the mountain lifestyle mission with passionate commitment coupled with a professional and authentic mountain branding.

“Partnering with CXC was a very easy decision for Rossignol,” said Ryan Green, Nordic Division Manager for Rossignol North America, saying… CXC is a steward of the sport and continually works to create opportunities for people to discover develop and excel within the sport. This is true whether it is an elementary school student trying skiing for the first time with the youth program, a club utilizing the training center or a new high school coach attending the Level 100 certification. These efforts are increasing accessibility and participation in skiing along with improving the experience of all skiers.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.15.00 AMGreen went on to praise the CXC Team calling it an important part of their racing program. “We work with CXC on every aspect of equipment selection with the athletes and ensure we have open communication throughout the process. We start with product education and selection in the summer, validate with on snow testing in the early winter and continue to test throughout the winter. Working with Bill, Andrew and the athletes has been a very rewarding experience and is a part of our continuing education. All of us feel confident that when we work together and learn from each other we have the right skis in the bag and, more importantly, the athletes know which skis to use based on conditions and terrain. This allows us to be more efficient leading up to the race start.”

CXC Head Coach Bill Pierce feels strongly about the Rossignol brand.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.15.28 AM

Bill Pierce

I have worked with quite a few different ski companies and reps over the years. Most companies have good product and can get you skis that can run well. Then last year with Rossignol has been that and way more. There are a few reasons that I add the “More” to the last statement, but I will only mention two. The service that we have received as a racing team is unlike anything I have had or experienced before.

Paul Clark is the best race services director and tech in North America in my opinion. He fulfilled all our expectations and much more. We not only received extremely high quality race product, but we got it early, tested it, and received better if we were not satisfied. He helped us pick, test, and retest until we ended up with the best ski fleets possible. Second, after one year on the product, I feel it is the best quality in the business. Bottom line, the skis are light, responsive, and FAST! The boots are light, give great ski feel, and still they are really warm! Just what an athlete is looking for.”

By: Peter Graves, CXC Public Relations

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