Volunteer Program for IPC Nordic Skiing World Championships Launched

Preparations for the largest gathering of international athletes since Sochi 2014 continue with the launch of the volunteer program for Cable 2015, including a video aimed at attracting recruits.

Organizers of the 2015 IPC Nordic Skiing World Championships taking place in Cable, Wisconsin, USA, from January 22- February 1, launched their volunteer program on Thursday August 21st aimed at recruiting the multitude of helpers needed to host such a prestigious international event.

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Photo Credits: James Netz Photography

Cable 2015 is expected to gather around 150 athletes from 20 countries less than one year after the most successful Paralympic Winter Games ever took place in Sochi, Russia.

The volunteer program allows individuals and groups to participate in the World Championships by helping to fill key roles and provides them with a behind the scenes glimpse into a major international competition. Depending on the length of service, volunteers can receive meals and accommodation along with complimentary merchandise.

The IPC Nordic Skiing World Championships will need between 350-400 volunteers over the 12 days of the event. Volunteer opportunities include helping with the start and finish line areas, course patrol, biathlon range, press services, security and crowd control, stadium set-up, race administration, medical and much more. Opportunities include both inside and outside spaces.

To sign up as a volunteer for Cable 2015 go to: www.Cable2015.com/volunteering

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A video launched to support the recruitment drive features several key volunteers already committed to Cable 2015 discussing their experiences from two previous World Cup events and their anticipation for the upcoming Championships.

The volunteer trailer can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abwhYQmoEr8.

Jane Mandli, one of the volunteer coordinators for Cable 2015, says she is excited to see the event come together.

“It’s very exciting to be a part of bringing such a prominent competition to Northern Wisconsin. The quality and character of our volunteers at the World Cup events stood out in the minds of everyone who was here for those and that is part of why the World Championships are coming.”

Mandli is also thrilled with the level of experience from some of the volunteers that have already signed up.

“With such a large event we really need, and will use, everyone who signs up for Cable 2015 but it is truly amazing to see the large number of volunteers already registering. I am very impressed with the vast experience that many of the volunteers have as well. This is going to be an amazing event!”

Cable 2015 will feature the largest and strongest contingency of US athletes at a Nordic Skiing World Championships. Many of the men in Team USA are veterans representing all branches of the military. The American women, led by Oksana Masters and Tatyana McFadden, are becoming a force to be reckoned with after winning multiple medals in Sochi.

More information can be found at www.Cable2015.com or contact James Bolen, Chief of Event Support at: jb@2015ipcnordicwch.us or 715.798.3977.

“This is going to be EPIC!!”

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