CXC Junior Adaptive Program Milestones

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We are looking for coaches with a passion for helping adaptive athletes throughout our region. If you know of a coach, or are interested in coaching adaptive skiing yourself, please reach out to us:

2014-2015 Programming Milestones

  • Certified 5 Adaptive Coaches at the CXC Coaches Certification Clinic
  • Provided equipment (sit skis with mountain-boards and poles) to 6 new adaptive junior skiers
  • Providing weekly adaptive ski practices in Madison, WI
  • Hosted first junior adaptive camp in September
  • Integrating adaptive skiing into the Wisconsin State High School Meet
  • Hosting West Yellowstone junior adaptive ski camp
  • Introduced and providing programming for 16 children with physical disabilities and visual impairments.

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The CXC Junior Adaptive Program works to make cross country skiing accessible to children with physical disabilities and visual impairments. With a little ingenuity and determination, we can get anyone out skiing. We all know the benefits of our sport. We utilize nearly every muscle under our control. Cardiovascular fitness and strength are tested. We recreate, train and compete outdoors. Adaptive skiing is no different, and we believe that reaching out and including people of all abilities strengthens the ski community as a whole.

Winter belongs to everyone!

by Andrew Poffenberger, CXC Para-Nordic Coach


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