Level 100 CXC/USSA Coaches Certification Program in Minneapolis

CXC will host a day-long Level 100 CXC/USSA Coaches Certification program in Minneapolis on Sunday November 30th.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.58.41 AM

Level 100 Coaches Certification

The program will be conducted from 8am to 5 pm at the Loppet Foundation Headquarters located at 1301 Theodore Worth Parkway in Minneapolis.

The registration fee for the Minneapolis Level 100 Coaches Clinic is $215.00. Those attending should bring a computer to take the Level 100 on-line test along with both classic and skating roller skis and equipment. The package also will include a 2014-15 CXC Coaches membership, a 2014-15 USSA membership, Level 100 on-line test, a USSA Level 100 XC Coaches Educational Manual, technique video file, First Aid and CPR certifications and a subscription to CXC Academy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.54.32 AM

CXC is committed to coaches education and so far 173 coaches have taken part in CXC coaches conferences in the last three years. 97 coaches are Level 100 certified and 36 coaches are now Level 200 certified. CXC hosted the October 19th roll out of the Level 200 certification in Cable, WI.

So far in the calendar year 2014 Level 100 USSA Coaches Certification clinics have been run in Aspen, Bozeman and Mora, MN. CXC Executive Director Yuri Gusev said that these opportunities for coaches were must-do events, saying….”We place a really high priority on high quality coaches and that’s why we have made a real commitment to hosting these important certification programs. These opportunities to get the best knowledge, the most current thinking for coaches, is something we believe is a major building block for the growth of our sport, and we are delighted to partner with USSA in growing the base of coaches for our sport. I hope coaches will take advantage of these opportunities.”

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