Introducing Martin Donegan

Welcome to CXC Martin! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up Alpine Skiing, Competitive Swimming, and playing Lacrosse. I love staying active and playing sports, but rarely watch them on T.V. (short attention span). I raced as a little kid Alpine, but lost interest when I wanted to become an instructor at the age of 16. I taught Explorers lessons for beginning skiers for about 10 years,  and eventually moved to Colorado. There, I helped develop a “feeder” lacrosse team for youths at University Colorado-Boulder (CU), and worked molding young skiers through TREK (6 week training camp for developing skiers) at Eldora Mountain Resort.  Most recently I lived in Granby, where I worked at the Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA of the Rockies, here  I was introduced to Nordic Skiing and began using it as a training method for myself.

Martin Donegan

Martin Donegan, CXC Para Nordic Coach

What are your thoughts on advancing our Adaptive programs?

I would like to see the adaptive program at CXC expand to encompass more Veterans involvement. They have untapped potential, with dedication and marksmanship skills not found  in the civilian population, making them ideal candidates for our program. With a seasonal grant from the Veterans Administration we can travel to them and introduce them to the sport with the appropriate equipment.

Describe your coaching style.

My coaching has primarily been working with kids, so blending a mix of fun, imagination, and focus is key. Even as an adult, if you train without all three “you’re gonna have a bad time”. Kids focus and attention can be hard to get, and so is mine, being coached by me can seem “crazy” but I enjoy putting myself in my athletes position-doing the actual workout too.I believe as a coach it’s important for your participants to witness the how and why, instead of being told how and why.

Part of your role will be working with athletes in the Center of Excellence, Why should all athletes (Elite, Masters, Juniors, etc) schedule time with you?

Working at the Center of Excellence at CXC is going to be a blast! I encourage all of our athletes to join us for some sessions to establish a baseline of where we are headed. An added bonus is picking up a few tips to help your training progress. We offer amazing world class services for athletes to get a base reading, then personalized improvement protocols. As the seasons progress I encourage athletes to return (more than once) to see how their training is helping mold them  into a better athletes for next season.

You can reach Martin at

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