CXC Team Athlete Hilary Patzer Qualifies For Boston Marathon After Racing Grandma’s Marathon

A few weeks after I competed at Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI, I decided I wanted to race Grandma’s Marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Four months before Grandma’s I started to “train.” I had a few bumps in the road; weeks off of running due to a calf injury, stress, busy schedule, travel… but I was excited to race.

The day before Grandma’s was gorgeous, chilly, but sunny and calm. The morning of the race was a different story. The weatherman was calling for rain, and he was dead on! It was a torrential downpour before the start of the race, it rained until about mile 19, the sun came out at mile 22 and I finished with a smile on my face and the sun beating down on me. I raced in way more clothes that anyone else, and didn’t throw my rain jacket off until mile 15. 

Go Hilary!
Go Hilary!

All in all, it was a great day. It wasn’t the weather I was hoping for, but all 6,000+ racers were running through the rain together! We could support each other! The spectators were awesome, they braved the weather to help keep our spirits high. I crossed the line in 3:27 and earned an early registration to the Boston Marathon. I didn’t run with a watch and I didn’t know my time. I ran from my heart and just kept my legs moving. I was vastly under trained, but things came together well for me on Saturday. I am so grateful for the athletic community in MN, I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing group! 

– By: Hilary Patzer, CXC Team Member

All smiles after the race!
All smiles after the race!
No pain, no gain
No pain, no gain

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