Busy Month for Adaptive Program!

On May 30th, the 35th Annual Hines Games at Edward Hines Jr. V.A. Hospital was a great opportunity to reach Veterans who are active and looking to increase their fitness through different modes of exercise. CXC, with the help of hard working volunteers from Hines, set up a Biathlon range in an auditorium. The range consisted of a skier ergometer and a five-rifle laser targeting system.

Participants ran through a similar modified testing simulation to that of the Paralympic Sport Club,  simulating either 200m or 500m on the skierg to raise the heart rate and body temperature to levels consistent with competitive Nordic skiing. Then they immediately went to the firing line to practice shooting with an elevated heart rate and breathing. We had over 25 participants who have never tried Biathlon or Nordic skiing before, all tried their best and were challenged in ways they never had before.

Adaptive Camp at the CXC Center of Excellence
Adaptive Camp at the CXC Center of Excellence

On the 12th of June CXC held our monthly Adaptive Camp at the Center of Excellence. Athletes in attendance worked on technique and endurance on the roller ski treadmill, and focused on conditioning workouts that can be performed throughout the year. Re-familiarizing with the roller skis and treadmill is physically exhausting, but gives a reference point to alter training protocols to encompass more balance exercises.

Treadmill work and resistance training is physically demanding, but critical for a well seasoned athlete as well as those pursuing biathlon. Practicing everything from the approach, to body placement on the mat making will make these techniques feel second nature in a race. Taking the first shot down range can make or break a race. Having a well rounded cycle of training is not only beneficial mentally and physically,  it’s actually fun.

Martin Donegan – CXC Para Nordic Coach

For further Information or details on the Adaptive Program or Adaptive Camps please feel free to contact Martin Donegan by email at martin.donegan@cxcskiing.org or 610.217.8836.

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