Mix Up Your Workouts!

By: CXC Team Member, Nichole Bathe

Today marks the start of my recovery week after a solid 3 week block of training. I had the opportunity to spend part of a week in Cable, WI at the REG camp with some of the other Elite team athletes. The other weeks I spent at home working and training around Madison, WI. I also spent the past three weeks mixing up my training from biking to canoeing and roller skiing in between.

The couple of days in Cable were great! I spent time with CXC’s head coach, Andy Keller, and other coaches from around the area, as well as some of the up and coming athletes of the central region. This was really exciting for me see, as I do a lot of training on my own, so it was great to have other people getting out there with me! I was also able to push myself for the first time this summer and see how my body reacted to some hard efforts. I was pretty tired going into the uphill and double pole time trials but that was the plan. I was pleased with how they went and how my body reacted after doing some intensity. After Cable, I finished out the rest of my 3 weeks at home!

Finishing the Uphill Running Time Trial at the REG Camp
Finishing the Uphill Running Time Trial at the REG Camp

This past weekend I was able to check something off my bucket list, which I was very excited about. My older brother and I were able to do the Paddle and Portage in Madison, WI. In this race we canoed 1.5 miles in Lake Mendota, then carried our canoe across the Madison square for a little under a mile, and then put the boat back in at Lake Monona to paddle the last 1.5 miles. My dad has done this race for years and we always watched, so this year it was cool to have him watching and us competing! We ended up winning our age group which was super exciting, seen as that was our second time in a boat together!

Cameron and I at the start of the Paddle and Portage.
Cameron and I at the start of the Paddle and Portage.

Keeping my training mixed up and trying new things, really keeps me motivated when the ski season comes around to put in all those hours on snow! Now it’s time to kick back and relax for the next week!


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