Carrying on the Momentum

By: CXC Team Member, Cory Ellertson

July was a busy month! There was a lot of travel and events, but still turned out to be one of the best training months I have ever had.

The month started out with a trip to South Dakota for my buddies wedding. I had to “sacrifice” an Over Distance (OD) workout for a 6 hour ATV ride through the Black Hills with my best friends. I still prefer getting around on my own power, but I had a blast nonetheless. After a ten hour drive home, I packed my gear and headed to Cable, WI for the REG Camp. After 3 months of mainly training alone, it was great to train with some FAST skiers to gauge my fitness progress. The week camp was also a nice excuse to get out of the office and focus 100% on training. My biggest take away from camp; – Improve my Double Pole!! I learned a lot and took home a few new technique cues, so I can continue building and improving.


The next destination after the REG camp was a week vacation with my family on the north shore, near Grand Marais. It was a good mix of relaxation, extremely competitive Scrabble battles, and a very heavy training load! Can’t beat recovery runs on the rocky shore and L3 intervals on hills where you can go up for a full 15 minutes.


After vacation, we made one last stop in Chicago, IL for a once in a lifetime opportunity, Paul McCartney live in concert! It was the perfect way to cap off a huge month of training.

Paul McCartney Concert

I hope to carry the momentum and good feelings into August and continue making big gains.

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