The Triumph Games; a True Testament to Adapting and Overcoming

On August, 25-26th Central Cross Country Ski Association supported the Triumph Games in New York City. This event brings together wounded veterans who are elite level athletes to participate in multiple athletic events over the course of a month. Events include stock car racing, triathlons, virtual reality games and much more.


An athlete practicing the shooting portion of the triathlon at the Triumph Games

Under the direction of Chris Diaz Triumph Games Coordinator, and Ernie Butler Paralyzed Veterans Sports Director, CXC helped coordinate the triathlon in New York City for the Triumph Games. This triathlon was not a traditional triathlon, the events included biking, kayaking, and a marksmanship (shooting). The event tested the athlete’s ability to transition from biking, a kayak obstacle course, and a marksmanship (shooting) challenge.

The first day, August 25th, was for athletes to familiarize themselves with the course and practice their marksmanship (shooting) at LeFrak Center Lakeside Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. Wednesday, August 26th, – was competition day in the park. Athletes varied in ability, and the race was standardized as much as possible to push each of the 12 participant to their limits. The triathlon consisted of a 12 mile bike where athletes used a variety of hand-cycles, recumbent, and upright bicycles. After the bike, they plunged into the water to navigated a speed and agility course in their kayak. Once out of the water, athletes made their way to the firing line where the infrared rifles waited for the marksmanship competition portion. Once the athlete scored 15 hits down range, their race was over.


Speed, agility and precision were put to the test as athletes were challenged to race and then hit fifteen targets as fast as they could. Not only was I inspired by watching the race, but getting to know each athlete and listening to their stories, from the battlefield to everyday life, was the most inspiring part of attending the Triumph Games.


Martin Donegan, CXC Para Nordic Coach

For further Information or details on the Triumph Games, Adaptive Program or Adaptive Camps please feel free to contact Martin Donegan by email at or 610.217.8836.

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