“Time To Wrap It Up Summer”

By: CXC Team Member, Chris Pappathopoulos 

Like the get off the stage music at an award show, last week the wind in the trees were playing the “time to wrap it up summer” song. Summer is doing a bit of protesting this week, but soon we’ll be seeing our breath in the air in the morning and frost on the roof tops. The few months of training in the daylight are largely over and it is back to headlamps in the morning and evening.

The month was wrapped up with one of my favorite events, the Illinios Roller Ski Race Series. I was very excited to take two member of the Madnorski East Ski Team that I coach with me this year. They did not disappoint winning both junior divisions. I had the pleasure of riding Marwe skis to a first place finish. The Start poles continued to impress as well. In a rather ungraceful turnaround, I planted a pole between my skis and went down kicking my pole in the process. I was fairly confident I had just broken the pole as it happened. That was not the case, Start poles sure are tough.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.21.14 PM
Hunter and Mia to my left

Mia Zutter, shown above, is also a visually impaired athlete on the CXC Adaptive Team. Consider participating in the CXC Road Bike Drawing to make results like this a reality for more adaptive athletes.


Another sign winter is approaching, is my chief mechanic has been hard at work on what might be the successor to the much loved Snow Machine Beta and snow drift king.

Untitled.png chris p
Snow Machine 1.0?

Training has been a mixed bag the past month. A local cross country race was too tempting, so I jumped in and raced. My time was pretty far off of where I am use to being, but since I haven’t really been able to run since May I’ll take it. Since I don’t race with a selfie stick here is a picture of my favorite skier at the race instead.

Tula racing the Sun Prarie Schools Community 5K
Tula racing the Sun Prarie Schools Community 5K

Outside of training I have been hard at work filling the freezer, cupboards, and my belly with items from the gardens. Since Noah Hoffman quit blogging every day, there is a shortage of pictures of food skiers eat, so here is mine.

About the only thing on the pan not from the garden is the flour for the crust
About the only thing on the pan not from the garden is the flour for the crust

I also put in a little recreational time at the other track in Sun Prairie.

USAC Sprint cars at Angell Park
USAC Sprint cars at Angell Park

From here it is off to try out the new hospital University of Wisconsin Health was kind enough to build for me. The University of Wisconsin – Madison Men’s basketball team will soon get to brag that their team physician operates on cross country skiers (that is how it works in this country, isn’t it?).

Here's to hoping my nose doesn't light up.
Here’s to hoping my nose doesn’t light up.

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