Balancing the Proper Routine

By: CXC Team Member, Nicolette Recker

The fall has always been about transition for me. Transitioning back to school, starting new classes, getting a new job, and changing up the training. With this transition I have to adjust my body to a new schedule with a longer list of things to get done in a day. At the same time, the fall weather starts to hit and I get excited for the arrival of winter. The trees changing color, the cool air coming in, the fog in the bluffs, and the frost on the grass (but most importantly, my apartment gets under 85 degrees).


I like to use this time to assess where my body is in terms of fitness and set goals in my training to get myself ready for snow and racing. I take small steps initially, making weekly goals to get in a certain number of hours of training, complete however many sets of intervals, and get into the weight room a few times a week. Once I get myself into a proper routine, balancing my weekly training goals with studying and work, I can start to set goals for the upcoming race season. That is the fun part. I have yet to write them down on paper, but the list has started in my mind.

After the first week of classes, I came down with a bad cold that took me out for a few days. I called my mom one afternoon and she laughed a little, because apparently every year of my life during this transition time back to school, I get sick. So I drove up to my cabin for Labor Day weekend to spend some time hiking with my mom on the Makwa single track and getting myself healthy again.

The Mawka single track in Seeley, WI

The Mawka single track in Seeley, WI

Up next is the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival. I am looking forward to some fat tire fun and hanging out with some of my extended family for our annual fajita party!

Muddy legs after a pre-Chequamegon training ride.

Muddy legs after a pre-Chequamegon training ride.

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