Work Hard, Play Hard

By: CXC Team Member Andy Brown

It’s been a busy couple of weeks squeezing in some last minute vacation and starting a new semester at school. The last week before classes began I went backpacking in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains with my friends Blake Hillerson and Bjorn Batdorf. Blake and Bjorn are both elite skiers so these sorts of adventures always represent a solid training week for me. The first day we hit the ground running and hiked 15 miles up trail and over some wet boulder fields to get to the high country. From there on it was off trail, finding our way from one mountain lake to the next. We bagged some peaks and shimmied down some chimneys to get to some pretty remote areas.

Photo Aug 31, 3 14 22 AM

The views in this place are amazing. Most of the snow had melted by now, but there were a couple snowfields left in the high passes. Almost wished that I had packed some skis.

Photo Sep 01, 11 09 19 PM

It was a great trip and I think I’m going to have to start making this an annual trip. Getting back to the cities meant getting back to work. My Ph.D research project involves a fair bit of micro/nano fabrication and characterization so I spend some time in the University’s clean room. The bunny suits we wear might look ridiculous, but it really helps to avoid contaminating samples. Might not be the best thing to wear in a blizzard though.


It’s good to be back in the cities and back in school. I’ve been meeting up with a couple different groups of skiers for workouts and I am starting to throw more intervals into the training plan. I am looking forward to the coming season and racing with all my friends.

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