Time to Begin Serious Intensity!

By: CXC Team Member, Kyle Bratrud

I have been amazed with how fast time passes when you aren’t in school. It seems like just a few days ago I left Marquette, MI to head out East, but in reality it has been almost two months since I have been here.

The rest of my Eastern block went really well. Sun Valley Ski Team came to town and added some new faces to our workouts. We then all drove over to the U.S Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY for a week long U.S Ski Team (USST) camp. I found the camp to be super productive, with 5 intensity sessions packed into one week, ending with the Climb to the Castle. I very much enjoyed this race. It was everything I love about skiing (hard uphill work) for almost 40 minutes. While my result was not what I had hoped, it was the best effort I could give on that day and I felt like we skied some of the faster times up it so I can’t complain!

IMG_0797 copy

Me climbing early in the race. Notice the smooth, brand new pavement, this is definitely my new favorite road.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.51.34 PM

Top: This is an elevation profile of the climb from my watch, ignore the flat part at the end, which is my cool down up top Bottom: Here is my heartrate profile from the race. It is encouraging that I was able to sit at a high heartrate and tolerate the work. Again, ignore the second half as that was from my cool down.

Now I am back in Marquette where I will remain until it’s time to head out to West Yellowstone, MT. It is crazy to think the race season starts soon. This will be the earliest I have ever started a season. For now though, I am excited to be back with the Northern Michigan University (NMU) team and to get into some intensity. This is probably my favorite time for year up here and it will be a nice change from the hot, humid summer we have had. There is lots of work left to be done, time to begin some serious intensity!

Beautiful drive back to Marquette, the leaves are definitely beginning to change around here.

Beautiful drive back to Marquette, the leaves are definitely beginning to change around here.

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