Just 24 Days Left – $24,380 Away From Reaching Our Goal!


Support Our Sport

Dear friend of CXC,

As of today we have raised over $5,600 towards our goal of $30,000! Thank you! We have just over 3 weeks to meet our goal and we need your help.

Any amount will help and with a $100 donation or more, you will recieve a special gift from CXC – a Sweden Blue Craft Hat. Every contribution no matter how great or small is deeply appreciated.
This is a 1:1 challenge grant, therefore we need to raise $30,000 to leverage the dollar for dollar match from our generous benefactors. This donor opportunity provides a way for anyone to give back to our sport through CXC Programs.

Thank you.

Yuriy Gusev
Executive & Athletic Director
Central Cross Country Ski Association
Community Olympic Development Program


Introducing Youth to the Sport


“We serve a large percentage of low-income families in our after school program. We had kids that were fearless, and incredibly grateful for the opportunity that they would not have any other way. We had great volunteers from the community to keep our group numbers small.”

– Zach McDermott, PE Teacher, Horace May Elementary, Bemidji, MN

Including Individuals Of All Ability Levels


“Watching the athletes I help train is inspiring from any point of view. Working with and training disabled Veterans is especially rewarding. With support through CXC we are able to provide a service that promotes a healthy mind and body for those who have served our country and others alike.”

– Martin Donegan, CXC Para Nordic Coach 

Fueling the Athletic Pipeline


“Anyone can say they are a coach, but making the investment to become the best coach possible, is something that coaches should take seriously regardless of the sport. Be with kids not just as athletes but as young men and woman and try to make them the best people they can be.”

– Jonathan Stone, Cooper Country Ski Tigers Coach and Club President

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