Perils of Night Roller Skiing

By: CXC Team member, Chris Pappathopoulos 

It is that time of year again when I walk into work when it is barely light and leave in the dark. That means training happens in the dark and without snow it is mostly roller skiing. With this comes some challenges.

Artists Rendition of the Events that Transpired the Eve of December 4th. Photo credit: Skinny Ski

1. Having your workout/commute interrupted by the police. I would like to claim that this was because I was speeding on roller skis, but it wasn’t. I did have a red rear blinky light, headlight and reflective vest and was skiing in an area it was legal to do so, so after some discussion between the two officers they released me back into the wild. For a while I thought they were going to force me to take a ride home, but when they found out how far from home I was that changed. It was kind of amusing having the red and blue lights come on behind you while roller skiing.

The last skunk I came across was a cute younger one, Unfortunately he tried to make his escape parallel to the road and in the direction I was going.

2. Skunks, and not the Manitowoc kind. I have many more interactions with skunks on the side of the road at night than during the day. Speaking of Manitowoc, if you are in the area Christmas and the rivers in Two Rivers are frozen and snow covered look me up for the Carp Loppet. It is the greatest race just about no one has heard of. Since it is held less than every 4 years, it might be more important than the Olympics.

3. I couldn’t come up with a third peril. I enjoy roller skiing night and day. It sure beats couch time.

Otherwise it has been a pretty uneventful month. I did get three sessions in on snow around Madison before the snow melted. That was a bonus for November. Since then the closest I have come to skiing on snow is looking at frost on the grass.

Thanksgiving was fun as usual. There was an impromptu dance recital where I teamed up with this guy. He has some serious moves. I couldn’t always keep up.

chris p blog.png
The dance recital included this duo of girls and the boys.

I also determined that my love of hills may be inborn. One of my roller skis involved skiing past my grandparent’s and great grandparent’s farms. They settled in some of the hilliest terrain in the area.


Tula and I took advantage of the vacation time to ski in areas we don’t usually go.

Skiing along Lake Michigan.

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