24 Hours Left! – 9,450 Away From Reaching Our Goal

CXC is getting closer to reaching our year-goal of $30,000 but we’re not there yet and there isn’t much time left! Here is what CXC can do with your donation in 24 hours!:

  • Deliver skis to over 10 schools in the ‘Nordic Rocks’ Program between six counties and provide 1 hour of basic instruction for teachers.
  • Administer VO2 max tests in the Center of Excellence with 10 junior athletes.
  • Mount over 105 bindings on ‘Nordic Rocks’ Skis.
  • Build and properly fit 5 sit skis for adaptive athletes.

CXC has raised $20,550 towards our goal of $30,000, Thank you! There is still time to help us reach our goal, every donation is significant no matter the amount.


Yuriy Gusev
Executive & Athletic Director
Central Cross Country Ski Association
Community Olympic Development Program


Introducing Youth to the Sport


“I love being able to introduce my students to the lifetime sport of cross country

– Adam Cook, PE Teacher, Dyer Intermediate School, Burlington, WI

Including Individuals of All Abilities


“The Adaptive program has played a huge role in CXC for several years now. Our vision and goal is to provide every individual with physical disability and visual impairment regardless of their age with equal opportunity to participate in the sport of cross country skiing along side everyone else. Every day we encourage and assist with equipment and instructions to schools, clubs, parks and the Nordic community in general to embrace our vision and goal. Winter belongs to everyone!”

– Yuriy Gusev, CXC Executive Director

Fueling the Athletic Pipeline


“The Central REG camp has grown in size once again, however that is due to the region’s rise in performance. Under the leadership of clubs and collaboration with CXC, there are more junior athletes within the region that have made the commitment to train consistently year around, and therefore more have achieved the objective REG selection criteria.”

– Bryan Fish, U.S. Ski Team Development Coach 

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