I Never Thought I Would Say This

By: CXC Team Member, Nicolette Reker

Not too long ago Fat Biking become a rather popular winter sport. And it has continued to grow in the Midwest for the last few years. When it first began, I just did not understand why anyone would feel the need to replace skiing with more biking! You can ride a bike 9 months out of the year, why not ski in the winter?

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 1.18.15 PM
Returning from an evening night-ride with Weston on the parent’s fat bikes.

Over the Holidays, my parents became proud owners of the new Surly Wednesday fat bike. Being a bike junkie, I took my mother’s new toy out for a spin when I was home for a few days around Christmas. And I must admit, I had SO MUCH FUN! Perhaps it was a combination of not wanting to rollerski at the end of December or ski in (many more) circles on a 1k loop, and having too much discomfort running that made it so much fun. Regardless, I could probably see myself as a proud owner of a fat bike someday as well.

blog nr
Going from no snow, to the start of the snow storm, to the end of the snowstorm and my first ski in Winona for the year! (And Weston’s first ski ever)

I don’t need a fat bike quite yet, however, because Winona was nailed with a snowstorm this week that gave us more than 10 inches of snow! I got to get out at St Mary’s ski trails and put in some distance and intervals this week. With SISU Ski Fest being just a week away it is time to get on snow for real and get some real work in the books.

blog niki r
View from my morning jog the day after the storm. The river has started to freeze over and the Wisconsin bluffs are snowy and white!

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