The Second Season of CXC Youth Cup is Underway!

The CXC Youth Cup has had an unique start to its second season. Due to a lack of snow and extremely cold temperatures, races have been cancelled and rescheduled.

Despite the weather, 148 eager U14/U12 kids have skied in the Youth Cup Races thus far: the Como Championships held in St. Paul, MN December 27 and the John Hugus Invitational in Wausau, WI, January 16.


Youth Cup competition continues, January 23-24 with the Telemark Chase in Cable, WI. The following weekend’s Youth Cup competition is January 30, with the rescheduled Twin Cities Championships in St. Paul, MN. The race will be a mass start classic race instead of a individual start classic, as previously stated on the Youth Cup race schedule.

Youth Cup Standings After Two Races

Top three U14 males
Garrett Walters
Ryan Thieme
Victor Sparks

Top three U12 males
Jonathan Clarke
Ryan Long
Owen Williams

Top three U14 females
Sudie Hall
Mia Case
Tate Singleton

Top three U12 females
Sophia Jacobson
Lauren Munger
Molly Moening


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