Welcome to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Ski Racing Season

By: CXC Team Member, Chris Pappathopoulos 

The month started off working on Project Starfish at CXC (thanks Duncan). The CXC Center of Excellence is an awesome resource and I am happy to be able to take advantage of it.

chris p blog.png

The incredible useful skiing treadmill at CXC

After spending most of December rollerskiing, it is good to be on snow. A few days before I was planning on leaving for U.S. Nationals we got enough snow for decent skiing in the Madison area. I was hoping skipping some training to groom trails would result in a good performance at Nationals due to skiers karma, but that wasn’t the case. It felt like I was blowing out a bunch of cobwebs in the 15K classic and ended up with a mid pack finish.

chris blog.png

Spent 5.5 hours towing a roller and this thing around after the first snowfall in December.

SISU Ski Fest went much better thankfully. Tula and I got our days off to a good start by catching up on the FIS Tour de Ski in the motel race morning. We got to see CXC Team alumna Jessie Diggins get her first World Cup individual win. Going into the SISU race I was worried about the condition of the trail with the low snow year Ironwood has been experiencing. My concerns were put to rest quickly once the race starts. The course was in good shape and I was able to ski into Ironwood and cross the line first. More exciting to me though was Tula’s race in which she was the first female in the Junior SISU 3K. With her unexpectedly already taking over the Pappathopoulos Center of Excellence sit up title, it is only a matter of time before she is beating me in ski races.


The only thing better than a podium finish is a podium finish with your teammate.

blog cp.png

Tula skiing to a victory in the 3k Jr. SISU

On the coaching front, I am thrilled to have snow earlier this year than last. The Madnorski East Ski Team is doing great. A big thank you is in order to the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation for helping us purchase roller skis. They have made a tremendous difference.


Last year we spent almost all winter running and doing strength.

In other news, I learned that the dent aerodynamic dimple in the Snow Machine 1.0 that I was impressed to have not had to pay extra for has other uses. With the freezing rain we received the door was frozen shut. This made for a great handle to yank it open.


Figure 2 Snow Machine 1.0 is chocked full of features.

In non skiing related news I had a lot of fun Christmas shopping this year.

Chris P Blog.png

These were gifts for the most technologically advanced Pappathopoulos.

P blog.png

Speaking of hard to find, it is nearly impossible to find the Rollie Fingers Onesies that the Texan, Nolan, was given.


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