CXC Team Wax Report: Noquemanon 50k Classic

Fresh snow blessed Marquette, Michigan the week before the 2016 Noquemanon Ski Marathon resulting in excellent skiing conditions. The feature event for the race this year was the 50k Classic event, the second race of the CXC Marathon Cup series. The race started at the Al Quaal Recreation Area and finished at the door step of the Superior Dome on the campus of Northern Michigan University.


Throughout the week, temperatures were in the low 20 degree F, with overnight temperatures dipping to the low teens. The snow flurries on Thursday and Friday were somewhat sharp and abrasive. The CXC Team had fantastic results at the 42k Seeley Hills Classic January, 16, where the temperature was below zero; therefore, CXC decided to use a similar Toko waxing plan for the Noquemanon.

First, we cleaned the skis with Toko Blue Paraffin, and then hardened the bases with a layer Toko LF Blue. Due to the tiny ball-bearing type snow that covered the racecourse, we elected Toko HF Blue as the race wax for the marathon distance. As a topcoat, we crayoned on Toko Jet Stream Blue; and then melted the Jet Stream with one pass over the ski with a hot fiberlene covered iron. For the shorter and the later wave starts, we did mix the Toko HF Blue 1:1 with Toko HF Red, and stayed with Jet Stream Blue for the topcoat.

After aggressively sanding the kick zone, we ironed Toko Green Base Binder, which has proved to be an awesome starting point for “good kick” all season. It is important to cork the binder smooth, after it has cooled, before adding the race kick wax. The primary kick wax for both the marathon and short race was Toko Blue. We applied five thin layers and corked it smooth between layers. Due to the cold and abrasive nature of the racecourse, we covered this with two layers of Toko X-Cold. The X-Cold protected the Blue during the early, hilly sections of the course. For the athletes who wanted a little extra kick, we added two additional layers of Blue over the top of the X-Cold.

CXC Team Results (Women):
1st Place – Natalia Naryshkina (3rd title in a row)
3rd Place – Alice Flanders


CXC Team Results (Men): 
1st Place – Kyle Bratrud
2nd Place – Nicholas Power
3rd Place – Chris Pappathopoulos
5th Place Andrew Brown
10th Place – Duncan Douglas

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.14.00 PM

Bruce Manske, CXC Sport Development Coordinator

The CXC Team Noquemanon Wax Report was written by CXC Sport Development Coordinator, Bruce Manske 

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