Adaptive Nordic Ski and Biathlon Camp, Feb 25-26 | Duluth, MN

This two-day Nordic-ski and Biathlon camp is designed for youth and adults with disabilities. Skiers and instructors from the Midwest will come together to advance participant’s Nordic ski and/or biathlon skills.

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When: February 25-26, 2016
Where: Spirit Mountain, Duluth MN


The focus of the camp is for individuals to gain confidence to become an efficient independent Nordic skier. Paralympic Nordic coach Jason Kask, 3 time Paralympian Kelly Underkolfer, and Courage Kenny skiers will provide group instruction for both sit-style and stand-up skiers based on ability.

All participants will work with instructors on personal ski development. Intermediate to advanced level skiers will have the option to work on race techniques. Participants will be filmed by a professional videographer for a thorough movement analysis. Skiers and instructors will analyze the film and discuss their ski style and performance. Biathlon equipment used will be laser rifles with mirrors.

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This Nordic ski camp is held in conjunction with the Great Lake Mono-ski, Nordic, and Alpine Race camp. For more information contact Mark Hanna 218-726-4834 ext. 1.


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