CXC Wax Report – The Great Bear Chase


Nick Power and Rosie Frankowski Win Great Bear Chase 50 K Skiathlon

The Great Bear Chase 50 K Skiathlon in Calumet, Michigan on March 6, 2016 wrapped up the final race in the inaugural CXC Marathon Cup series.  CXC Team athlete Nick Power and APU Nordic Ski Center’s Rosie Frankowski Claimed the 50 K Skiathlon victories.

While preparing for the upcoming SuperTour Spring Series, Frankowski travel and waxed with the CXC Team during the Great Bear Chase weekend.  In the women’s 50 k Skiathlon, she skied a convincing first place finish, finishing just before CXC Team athletes Natalia Naryshkina and Alice Flanders.  Nicolette Reker also skied well for the CXC Team, finishing in the top 10, placing seventh overall.

In the men’s Skiathlon, CXC Team athlete Nick Power dominated the freestyle section of the race by 2:27.8 over CXC teammate Chris Pappathopoulos, the 2015 champion.  Alex Vanias from Traverse City, Michigan claimed third; CXC Team athlete Andrew brown just missed the podium was fourth, and CXC teammate Cory Ellerton, who was battling the flu was tenth.

A record field Saturday of over 650 skiers turned out for the Great Bear Chase races on the Swedetown trails in Calumet, MI. In the 50K freestyle, mountain biker Tristan Schouten won the men’s race, with Paulette Niemi taking the women’s title. Luke Bodewes and Chandra Ziegler skied to 50K classical victories. In the 25K events, Nathan Koch and Joellen Torresani won the skate, with Peter Scheller and Nicole Gilman winners in the classical events.

Ski Preparation and Glide Wax: 

With most of the Midwest in a major winter meltdown, fresh snow blessed blanket Calumet, Michigan the week before the 2016 Great Bear Chase resulting in awesome skiing conditions.  The feature event for the race this year was the 50 k Skiathlon (classic; then skate); this event is fun and exciting for both athletes and spectators, and it creates double duty for wax techs.

Throughout the week, temperatures were in the high 20 degree F, with overnight temperatures dipping to about 25 degrees F, and the temperature were on the rise.  A slight dusting of snow on Friday night greeted skiers on race morning.  The snow was clean, with a solid 15-20 inch.  First, we cleaned the skis with Toko HF Black to harden the ski bases. HF Black is a special wax that is a good compromise between dirt resistance and water repellency.  We used two layers of Toko HF Red as our race wax; the Tribloc technology of HF Toko Red helps to create perfect gliding, because it contains a high fluorine content for maximum water and dirt repellency, and the Fluorine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for top finishing products.  As a topcoat, we crayoned on Toko Jet Stream Red; and then melted the Jet Stream with one pass over the ski with a fiberlene-covered iron.  For a final topcoat, we applied HelX Liquid 2.0 Red.  HelX liquid improves performance due to it’s high abrasion-resistant nature, it creates remarkable acceleration, and is simple and fast to use:  Simply spray on a light layer from tip to tail, wipe the liquid smooth and even with an applicator, let dry and its ready to race!

Ski Preparation and Kick Wax:

After aggressively sanding the kick zone, we ironed Toko Green Base Binder, which has proved to be an awesome starting point for “good kick” all season.  It is important to cork the Green Base Binder smooth, after it has cooled, before adding the race kick wax.  The kick wax for the Skiathlon Classic was Toko Nordic GripWax Red.  We applied three thin layers and corked it smooth between layers.   We tested a variety of products and brands, including Toko Nordic GripWax Yellow, as well as a sampling of cover waxes and wax combinations.  The Toko Nordic GripWax Red was superior to all other kick wax tests.

Bruce Manske, CXC Sport Development Coordinator

The CXC Team Noquemanon Wax Report was written by CXC Sport Development Coordinator, Bruce Manske 

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