Turn Your K’s into a Prize!

Have you been keeping track of kilometers skied this winter either through the ‘Nordic Rocks’ website or a printed  ‘Nordic Rocks’ training log? If so, it’s about time to count it all up and send in to get a special prize!


Head over to  www.nordicrocks.com and look for submission instructions in Step #3.

The response to the Nordic Rocks program was amazing. I was hoping this program would provide a little extra motivation for the kiddos to ski outside of our club meetings but I did not expect it to make such a strong impression. Thank you! The kids have already started planning for next year!

– Elisabeth Kulakowski, Nordic Rocks club leader in Corinth, VT.


“Nordic Rocks” is a collaboration with its National Partner, National Winter Sports Education Foundation, as well as five ski regions. The program is designed to be a fun interactive way for kids to set goals and keep track of their training in a training log on the website or through a printed log.

Last Season in Numbers


Carson Williams of Boulder, CO was the top individual who skied an impressive 662 K, which is equivalent to completing almost 13 and a half American Birkebeiner races!


The leading state with the most kilometers skied at 1,367.7 K!


The leading region with an enormous 1,948.45 K; that’s skiing almost halfway across the United States!


The leading region with an enormous 1,948.45 K; that’s skiing almost halfway across the United States!


The region with the highest average of kilometers skied per person at 13.89 K


The Ski for K’s Program is not just for Nordic skiers! Individuals who participate in alpine skiing, snowboarding, jumping and nordic combined as well as adaptive skiing can also log their k’s with the Ski for K’s conversion chart to help all skiers keep track of different activities throughout the winter.



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