The Top 10 CXC Youth Cup Winners for the 2015-2016 Season!

The second successful season of the CXC Youth Cup series has come to a close, after the final event of the season concluded March 6th, with the Midwest Junior Championships and Festival in Minneapolis, MN.

Despite tough conditions at the beginning of the season causing races to be cancelled and postponed, the CXC Youth Cup series still had 12 exciting races throughout the winter held at a variety of venues in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.37.40 PM.png

PHOTO: Steve Kotvis, f/go (

The battle for the coveted CXC Youth Cup leader position was exciting and constantly changed throughout the season. New leaders for both U14 and U12 age groups were bumped in and out of the lead as each race passed.
Now that the season has ended and the final points have been calculated, the top ten winners have been named for each age group. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the CXC Youth Cup series, we cannot wait for next season!

2016 CXC Dream Camp



The top eight U14 girls and the top eight U14 boys will be selected for the 2016 CXC Dream Camp held this summer. The athletes are chosen based on their race results throughout the 2015-2016 CXC Youth Cup season.
The goal of the Dream Camp is to bring together top U14 boys and girls to train and receive feedback, educational materials, while offering a glimpse at the bigger picture of Nordic ski racing. These collaborative camps provide a motivating environment for the athletes to positively push and improve together.

Location and dates are to be determined.

Overall 2015-2016 CXC Youth Cup Standings

Top Ten U14 Males
Garrett Walters/ CVN
Victor Sparks/ FAST KIDS Wirth
Ryan Thieme / ANST
Cooper Lennox / Mustang Nordic
Will Ernst / Bay Nordic
Ricky Petroff / Skiwerx
Danial Huhtala / ANST
Zachary Nemeth / Unattached
Soren Davidson / LNR
Jake Van Hefty / FAST KIDS Wirth

Top Ten U14 Females
Mia Case / Lakeland
Gretchen Haggenmiller / Copper Country Ski Tigers
Sudie Hall / FAST KIDS Wirth
Gabrielle Kraemer / LNR
Anna Greenlee / Mesabi East High School
Spirit Hess / Bay Nordic
Grace Ping / Unattached
Maeve Moening / Highland Park High School
Ella Hoch Robinson / Skiwerx Wirth
Elizabeth Tuttle / LNR

Top Ten U12 Males
Jonathan Clarke / FAST KIDS Wirth
Owen Williams / Iola Winter Sports Club
Noah Straka / Peak Nordic
Casey Van Hefty / Lakeland
Lars Brinkema / FAST KIDS Wirth
Bennett Adams / FAST KIDS Hyland
Bryce Albrecht / LNR
Shalom Raehl / CVN
Jonathan Nemeth / Unattached
Ryan Long / CVN

Top Ten U12 Females
Lauren Munger / FAST KIDS Wirth
Lauren Ping / Unattached
Molly Moening / 3G
Sophia Jacobson / FAST KIDS Hyland
Sylvia Meza / Lakeland
Raina Hess / Bay Nordic
Margo Nightingale / SISU Nordic
Rachel Poppleton / Endurance United
Rubyann Mitchell / Y Team
Tidalud Inthasorot / Skiwerx TCGIS


The Minnesota Youth Ski League’s (MYSL) Skiwerx Series also concluded its season and have published year-end rankings. For those individuals who did not attend the Skiwerx Series Awards ceremony, held March 20th, contact Amy Cichanowski to receive the year-end award for the Skiwerx Series or the CXC Youth Cup.


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