Halfway to Reaching our Goal for the CXC Season Finale Auction

IMG_5559 copy


Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the 2016 CXC Season Finale Auction. If you have not made any bids, there is still time left to be a part of the CXC ‘March Madness’ in our Season Finale Auction!

New items have been added, including a Dimondback Carbon Fiber Time Trial bike frame and Start ski poles! Bid today! The auction is active now until Friday, April 1st (no fooling!) at 12pm CST.


IMG_5140 copy-XL

Not only does this auction have great items and accessories to improve your own skiing and outdoor recreation activities, there are also items that will help improve and introduce skiing to individuals who may not thought cross country skiing was accessible to them.

Through donations of sit-skis for individuals with disabilities and skis for the CXC ‘Nordic Rocks’ for Schools Program, we can grow the sport of cross country skiing while creating a community of inclusion for all individuals within our sport.

32 2 21 2013-X2-1.jpg

If you don’t see something you would like to bid on, but want to contribute and support CXC, simply click the green “Donate” button on the auction site to make an additional and tax deductible contribution to CXC.  All proceeds will help support all CXC programming and events.

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