Announcing the 2016 Open Summer Camp Series Schedule

Skiers are made in the summer, which is why the CXC Summer Open Camp Series are a great way to prepare for the upcoming race season! The Open Camps bring athletes ages 14-19, from collaborating teams and clubs together, to train and workout for extended periods during the summer.

The focus of each camp will include learning how to train hard and effectively, health and wellness, and developing performance techniques to help guide athletes to the top of their potential.



WISCONSIN June 10-16, 2016 / Lakewoods Resort

MICHIGAN July 13-19, 2016 / NMU U.S. Olympic Training Site

MICHIGAN August 5-11, 2016 / Wolverine Nordic Village

Past camps have featured social activities, group adventures, dinners, and games. All athletes within the Central Division are encouraged to attend these camps.


Athletes are encouraged to attend all three camps, and work with their individual club coach between camps.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.34.43 AMFor further information regarding the Summer Open Camp Series, contact Andy Keller, 612.590.1739.

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