23 Top Junior Skiers Will Come Together for the 2016 REG Camp

21 of the top junior skiers in the Central Region will come together in Marquette, MI at the NMU U.S. Olympic Training Site, July 5th through the 11th, for one week of rigorous training and testing at the Central (CXC) Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp.

“The Cable/Hayward area has played host to the REG camp for the last 10 years,” said CXC Team Coach, Andy Keller. “The location has treated us very well, but we felt we needed to mix things up a bit and change the scenery to engage new communities and locations.”

“Our hope is to rotate this event around the Midwest to get as many different ski organizations and coaches involved in this camp as possible.”

U.S. Ski Team Development Coach, Bryan Fish, will attend the REG Camp to assist with coaching and testing during the week. REG camps are just one stage of the overall U.S Cross Country Development Program Fish has throughout the year.

PE5A1484-X2 copy.jpg
2015 REG Athletes are introduced to the agility course by U.S. Ski Team Development Coach, Bryan Fish.

Athletes at REG conduct time trials and testing to qualify for the National Elite Group Camp, which will be held October 15th through the 23rd in Park City, UT. in conjunction with the U.S Ski Team dryland camp. These athletes will live and train alongside the national team.

The goal of the camp is to bring together top juniors to train and receive feedback, educational materials, and a glimpse at the bigger picture of Nordic ski racing. These collaborative camps provide a motivating environment for the athletes, to positively push and improve together.

The women prepare for a double pole time trial at the 2015 REG Camp.

Athletes must qualify to attend the REG Camp. The qualification criteria includes: World Junior or U18 Nationals Cup Qualifier, NCAA Championship Qualifier, 1 X Top 10 at Junior Nationals, returning as a junior in 2016, Top 10 on year-end USSA junior ranking list, or top age group qualifier for Midwest or Great Lakes Team.

2015 REG Athlete completing a strength test.

2016 Athletes

“I’m excited for this summers REG camp as this years group is definitely one of the strongest groups we have ever had,” said Keller. “One of the main objectives of the camp is to get the best athletes together to train and learn from one another.”

Kelly Koch – U16 / LNR

Abby Jarzin – U16 / ANST

Siri Bohacek – U16 / LNR

Anabel Needham – U16 / Copper Country Ski Tigers

Renae Anderson – U18 / LNR

Anja Maijala – U18 / Cloquet-Esko-Carlton HS

Margie Freed – U20 / LNR

Michaeala Keller-Miller – U20 / LNR

Kristine Keller-Miller – U20 / LNR

Sarah Bezdiczek – U20 / NMU

Vivan Hett – U20 / NMU

Nicole Schneider – U20 / NMU

Xavier Mansfield – U18 / LNR

Mitchell Delong – U18 / Copper Country Ski Tigers

Matt Chard – U18 / Copper Country Ski Tigers

Russell O’Brian – U18 / MadNorSki

Torsten Brinkema – U18 / LNR

Foss Kerker – U18 / LNR

Michael Jarzin – U18 / ANST

Anders Sonnesyn – U18 / Wayzata Nordic Ski Club

Leo Hipp – U20 / NMU 

Zak Ketterson – U20 / LNR

Mack FitzPatrick – U20 / Lakeland High School


2015 REG Athlete completing the agility course.

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