A New Season, A New Team

By: CXC Team athlete, Felicia Gesior

Hi, my name is Felicia Gesior. This will be my first year skiing on the
CXC Team and I want to take a moment to introduce myself.


I have been skiing for about nine years. I started my freshman year of high
school on the Peak Nordic ski team which is based out of Southeastern
Wisconsin. After watching how much my older brother Luke enjoyed being
part of the team, I decided to join. Tagging along to the Birkie in middle
school was my first ski memory. I remember how exciting the atmosphere was
on main street as I watched finishers ski in. After graduating high
school, I stayed active with the Peak Nordic team coaching summer camps.

I went on to ski at Northern Michigan University, where I am studying
elementary education. I will be completing my student teaching in the
spring. This gives me the opportunity to focus on training during the fall
and racing over the winter.


I am really excited to have the opportunity to ski again this upcoming
year! I am ready for some excellent summer training. I have spent most of
May training in Wisconsin where I have enjoyed the variety of great roller
skiing terrains offered. It is amazing how many lakes I can go by in one
distance ski. This is especially convenient for cooling down at the end of
a long ski.

This upcoming month, I am traveling to Europe where I will be training
with some former NMU teammates in Germany, Austria and Sweden! More
pictures and adventures to share in the upcoming months.

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