Back to the Basics

By: CXC Team Athlete, Kyle Bratrud

Pretty much every season since I began skiing I have improved. This was partially due to my late start, attendance of an elite ski school like Northern Michigan University, and a growing motivation to do big things in the Sport. Coming off my senior year at NMU, I certainly had high expectations for myself as a professional skier and for the most part I fell short. It was not for lack of trying, however, as I worked harder than I ever had before last summer. It had more to do with trying a little too hard. I think I got a little carried away with hours and travel to camps. That coupled with a year uncharacteristically filled with illness led to one of my worst seasons in recent years and now has me reconsidering everything.


When you have success, it is hard to question what you are doing, but failure has a funny way of bringing about doubt and with that comes a healthy form of skepticism in what kind of training you have been doing. I took a step back after last year and re-evaluated everything, diet and nutrition, hours, body care, travel, and my social life.


Moving forward, I am very confident in the plan I have come up with and the changes I have made. While it may seem a bit boring to spend the entire summer and fall in Marquette going through an uninterrupted training grind, I find the thought of that extremely cathartic and I am greatly looking forward to it. I am extremely grateful for the continued support from CXC despite last season and I look forward to returning the favor this season. I am extremely excited for Oscar Friedman to join me as my first official teammate on the Super Tour! I can’t wait for what lies ahead, but in the meantime I am appreciating the little things that training hard every single day with Marquette Training Group (MTG) has to offer.


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