Back at It!

By: CXC Team athlete, Nichole Bathe

After being home for almost a month and a half now, I feel as though I have finally found the rhythm of summer again. Recently, I was lucky enough to go on a vacation with my parents over to England to see my family over there. It was so much fun seeing everyone and getting to hang out with them again! I was also able to explore different work out centers and what they call ‘fitness parks’. The parks are basically a big field that they put different exercise equipment into a lot like the ones we have here, which made doing strength both creative and fun!

My Cousin, Uncle and I Hiking the Malvern Hills in Gloucester England

After getting back from England, my summer has slowly started to find routine which is always nice. From working to training and also running some races, summer has been a lot of fun. This past weekend I ran my second half marathon which went way better than the first one, which is good. I also spent this past weekend exploring the horribly hilly course in Blue Mounds on my roller skis. The uphills were great, the downhills were scary! Lucky for me, for father’s day my dad and mom both came out and finished my 4 hour workout with me, biking and ski walking! It is always nice when I’m able to find rhythm and its been a great June training block so far! Happy father’s day and training!

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