Coaches Symposium at 2016 REG Camp | Training Philosophy, Skier Development, Central Region Topics

The Coaches Symposium at the Central (CXC) Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp in Marquette (MI) is open to coaches of all levels and is free to attend. The Symposium gives coaches an opportunity to share best practices and collaborate about topics including:

Training Philosophy, Skier Development, Communication Strategies and Central Region Topics.

When: Saturday July 9th, from 12p.m. to 3p.m.
Where:Superior Dome, 1401 Presque Isle Ave. Marquette, MI, Room B101

Coaches interested in attending should RSVP to Yuriy Gusev



Bryan Fish (Juniors/U23/Seniors) – U.S. Ski Team Development Coach

Sten Fjeldheim (College) – Head Coach of Northern Michigan University Ski Team

Andy Keller (Post-College/Junior) – Head Coach of CXC Team

Scott Putman (WI/Junior) – Head Coach of Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team

Chris Harvey and Piotr Bednarski (MN/Junior) – LNR Coaches


Each presenting coach will have 10 minutes to speak on Training Philosophy.

12pm-1pm: Training Philosophy

a. Training Hours 

i. Annual, Month to Month and Block Break Down

ii. By Age

iii. By Level

b. Training Philosophy

i. Training Mode

ii. Intensity

iii. Strength

1pm-2pm: Skier Development and Communication Strategies

a. Targeting Athletes that are outside JNQ Pipeline

i. Contacting and Getting information to individuals

ii. Education on national training and Racing opportunities

b. Regional Camp Pipeline 

i.  Making a clear pathway for athletes and parents to follow and know what camps they should be looking to do and where they go as they progress and grow up.

2pm-3pm: Central Region Topics 

a. State of Regional Elite Group Camp

i. Qualification Criteria

ii. Camp Strengths and Weaknesses

b. Junior National Qualifier Race Handbook and Guide Update

i. Progress Report and Input

c. JNQ Race Calendar Discussion

i. Race Distance working for both College and Junior Committee


Yuriy Gusev, CXC Athletic Director

For further information or details regarding the  Coaches Symposium, contact Yuriy Gusev.



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