The Final U16 Camp of the Summer, August 5-7 | Ironwood (MI)

The final U16 Camp of the summer is almost here! This is the last chance to join skiers from all over the region, for a weekend camp filled with fun activities including: outdoor games, dry-land training, roller skiing and cross-training activities.

Participants will have an opportunity to train in Ironwood, (MI) at the Wolverine Nordic Village, August, 5-7.

Recruit a friend or teammate to join the August U16 Camp and CXC will give a CXC training shirt to both skiers.

*Simply send an email to Bruce Manske, once the friend has registered and CXC training shirts will be ordered. 


The intention of each camp is to inspire and excite youth to further pursue the next level of skiing, following the experiences gained at the Igor Legacy Camps and before joining the ranks of the CXC Junior Development Team.


For further information regarding the U16 Camps, contact Bruce Manske, 651.304.0647.


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