Heat of the Summer

By: CXC Team athlete, Nichole Bathe

The second week of July I finished up the third week in my volume and intensity block, with July 18-24 being a much needed rest week. I was able to do a couple of races during the past three weeks, including my very first canoe only race.

IMG_1733 copy.jpg

My dad and I teamed up for the 8 mile Wisconsin River race, my dad has raced this before, but it was a first for me. I typically paddle in lakes without sand bars…so I was a little surprised when I realized we were going to be needing to dodge sandbars the whole way down the Wisconsin River. I was also so impressed with some of the people who do this race or the longer ones, they are such amazing athletes who come from all over the Midwest. My Dad and I are pleased to report that we won the 8 mile race, with his expertise in navigating the river.

IMG_1741 copy.jpg

During the past few weeks I was also able to do more running on some of my favorite trails in the Madison area. This week brings some testing and lots of resting! Happy training!


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