Training Up North

By: CXC Team athlete, Oscar Friedman

After finishing my college degree this past June I moved from Hanover, New Hampshire, to Marquette, Michigan in order to train with the CXC Team. In Marquette I join my coach, Andy Keller, teammate Kyle Bratrud, and a hard working crew of NMU skiers; they couldn’t have been more welcoming.


image oscar.jpg

This time of year our training is built into four-week blocks–medium, medium, hard, and recovery–and I’ve just completed a full cycle.



(Thanks Finn Sisu for the rollerskis and Rudy Project for the helmet). By the hard week my body began to adjust to the new training plan and I put in some quality sub-threshold interval sessions both running and rollerskiing.


I also had the chance to be a guinea pig for a muscle activation test done on the rollerski treadmill. A high tech suit was involved.

During the hard week I became ravenous, and after an unsatisfactory experience with the $10 dinner box from Pizza Hut, I upgraded to these beauties.


During the recovery stage of the training cycle, we enjoyed some time at the beach while maintaining a baseline level of training activity. Tomorrow morning we kick off another big week here in (extra) sunny Marquette with threshold bounding intervals.


Go Team CXC!

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