CXC’s Staff is Growing!

This summer Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC) added three additional staff members to the team: Karmen Whitham, Egor Akimov and Amy Cichanowski.


Karmen Whitham joined CXC as a Junior Development Coach. In this role she will oversee the CXC Junior Development Program and assist in coaching CXC’s summer junior camps. Karmen is a USSA Level 200 Certified Coach and Sports Massage Therapist with a graduate degree in Exercise Science from Northern Michigan University (NMU). After skiing for Stratton Mountain School and NMU, she served as a head coach for the Superiorland Ski Club in Marquette, MI and Great Lake Junior National Team.


With the rapidly growing coaches certification program and increasing demand in club development, Egor Akimov was added to the staff as the Sport Development and Education Director. Egor comes to us from the Moscow Center of Advanced Sports Technology, where he was a sports scientist and coached top level athletes in different endurance sports. His contributions to the field of exercise physiology in research of brown adipose tissue effect in high performance athletes, has received international acclaim. The results of his work are now being used by other scientists around the world in the areas of functional testing and training.


cs7g0117a- cook county minneloppet-2 copy.jpg

Amy Cichanowski was hired as the CXC Youth Director. Amy has an extensive background in cross country skiing as a competitor, coach, mentor and Executive Director of the Minnesota Youth Ski League (MYSL). She has been instrumental in the success of the 2014 and 2015 CXC Youth Cup series. Amy brings with her a wealth of knowledge of youth skiing, programs, equipment and events. Amy will continue to serve as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Youth Ski League during her time at CXC.

With their broad and diverse backgrounds and knowledge of the sport, Karmen, Egor and Amy will be valuable additions to CXC and the Nordic community in the Midwest!

Interested in getting in contact with Karmen, Egor or Amy? Feel free to contact them via email!,

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