Citizen Skier Camps, Schedules and Details

Join CXC coaches and fellow Masters skiers for our focused technique training camps. Whether Masters are looking to get in shape for the winter race season, improve technique or just enjoy the camaraderie, the Masters Camps are a great opportunity for everyone!

A fair amount of the work is drills and skills that break down technique to individual movements, which helps skiers understand what they must work on the most to improve.



August 26-28 / Technique Camp / Cable (WI) – SCHEDULE 

September 21-25 / Altitude Training Camp / Park City (UT) – SCHEDULE

October 7-9 / Technique Camp / Cable (WI) – SCHEDULE

*NEW! November 9-15 / On-snow Training & Technique Camp / Fairbanks (AK) – SCHEDULE

December 30 – January 1 / New Year’s Training Camp / Cable (WI) – SCHEDULE

*Note: The ‘CXC Experience’ truck will be present all of the Cable, (WI) camps. Interested participants will be able to preform ski walking MaxVO2 test to determine training intensity levels and efficiency. Also, interested participants can perform a time trial (classic or skate) on Sunday morning instead of a technique workout. Video will be taken during the time trial for technique analysis.

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During the days at the camp participants work on agility, balance, dry-land training, ski imitation, skiing on snow or roller skiing and then receive video analysis. The camp is also a great opportunity to learn about training, technique, racing, recovery and more.


Yuriy Gusev, CXC Athletic Director

For further information or details regarding the  CXC Masters Camps, contact Yuriy Gusev.



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