Eriksen Bike Drawing

Since CXC’s inaugural Eriksen Bike Drawing fundraiser two years ago, the impact has been profound. CXC has had the opportunity to introduce the sport of cross country skiing to kids with physical disabilities and visual impairments at events and schools.

The fundraiser has also helped adaptive athletes reach their goals of athletic excellence through the CXC Adaptive Program. Athletes like Mia Zutter are an inspiration to many and has remained persistent in chasing her dreams.


Mia Zutter performing a VO2 Max test at the CXC Center of Excellence in Madison, WI.

“Being a CXC Adaptive Skier has taught me to expand my comfort zone. It has given me independence that no other sports offer as a visually impaired athlete. This independence has also given me confidence not only as a skier but also in running.” Said Mia Zutter, CXC Adaptive Athlete.

After two years of hard work and training, Mia Zutter competed in the Wisconsin State High School Nordic Championships as well as Junior National Qualifiers and was named to the 2016-2017 U.S. Paralympic Nordic Skiing Development Team.

Mia skiing at Mt. Telemark in Cable, WI with guide Karen Manske.

“Without CXC exposing me to so many cool opportunities, such as skiing in West Yellowstone my first year in the sport, I would definitely not have known what sports could offer me as a visually impaired athlete.” Said Mia.

Tickets are on sale now until October 3rd, 2016 or until the 200 tickets are sold out! Support to win a custom designed, hand crafted Eriksen titanium road frame! Support adaptive youth through a purchase of a ticket to win a custom designed, hand crafted Eriksen titanium road frame!


Have questions?  Let us know.

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