Eriksen Bike Drawing Update

How will your Support make a Difference for Adaptive Youth?

Central Cross Country Ski Association and Kent Eriksen Cycles are partnering to support the CXC Adaptive Program for children with physical disabilities and visual impairments, by giving away a custom designed, hand crafted, Eriksen titanium road bike to a lucky donor!


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.58.03 PM

CXC can provide as many as 15 sit-skis to the ‘Nordic Rocks!’ Program this winter, because of the funds raised through the bike drawing fundraiser.

Almost every school has at least one child with a physical disability that could use a sit-ski as a part of the ‘Nordic Rocks!’ Program. By having sit-skis accessible, kids with physical disabilities or injuries can participate in physical education class, recess, and after-school programs along with the rest of their peers!


The ‘Nordic Rocks!’ for Schools Program introduces a new generation of youth in kindergarten through sixth grade, to the excitement found in the sport of cross-country skiing. The program creates an opportunity to teach skiing during the school day.

We are three weeks into the Bike Drawing fundraiser and over 55 tickets have been sold. Thank you! Our goal is to sell 200 tickets by October 3rd. Continue helping us reach our goal by purchasing a ticket to support youth with physical disabilities and visual impairments through the CXC Adaptive Program.


Already donated?
Forward to a friend who will help us meet our goal!


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