Working Together

Blog by: CXC Team athlete, Felicia Gesior


This past month marked that time of year when I say goodbye to summer and head back to Marquette, MI. The difference this year was I returned as a member of the CXC Team instead of the Northern Michigan University (NMU) team. After skiing for NMU  for five years, I wondered how it would be to transition to a new team. So far it has been a smooth change. There is so much opportunity to grow and improve when you put a group of dedicated athletes together. Instead of pinning one against the other, we have used our close proximity as a strength. Since being back in Marquette, I have synced up my schedule with the NMU ladies to make sure that I could train with them for important workouts. Having this wealth of talent right next door has been invaluable to me.

Throughout my college years, I have learned that teammates serve as a huge resource. Every skier brings a unique outlook on skiing and life.Training strategies, techniques and experiences can be shared to expand my own outlook on the sport. For example, I have learned about the importance of listening to your own body when you are sick. As an eager freshman, I was reminded by my upperclassman teammates about the role of proper rest.

Furthermore, when I am training with teammates we can push each other to find new limits. During a hard workout, I can look over to the side and become inspired by the effort that a teammate is putting in. This drive is what brings us to new levels.

I am so impressed by the support the teams show for each other. Whether we are in the weight room or on a specific strength hill, you can routinely hear cheers of encouragement being shared. Having this atmosphere helps bring everyone up instead of depending on other’s downfall.

The partnership between CXC and the Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site is a strong one. I think we can look forward to many success stories coming out of this partnership.


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