From a Grassroots Program to Paralympics

Without the support from fundraisers such as the Eriksen Bike Drawing, introducing youth with physical disabilities and visual impairments to the sport of cross country skiing would not be a possibility.

As of today we have acquired 40% of our total goal of 200 tickets by October 4th. It’s from supporters like you that we’re able to reach our goal.


Adaptive youth trying out sit-skis for the first time.

Introducing a child to a sport early is important, but hasn’t been the case for all adaptive athletes such as John Oman. Oman launched on to the Paralympic Nordic skiing scene in 2013 at 34 years old.

John Oman competing at the 2013 Canmore IPC Nordic Skiing World Cup. Photo Courtesy of Pam Doyle

“Over the past five years, CXC has given me the training, equipment, expertise, and network to help me succeed in a sport that I love.” Said Oman. “I was able to have the ultimate honor of representing my country in that sport and I couldn’t have done it without CXC. I can never say thank you enough to Yuriy, Igor, Andy, Bruce, and all others I have worked with at CXC.”

Since Oman was introduced to the sport later in life, his mission is to give the same support and pay everything forward to adaptive youth, so they can experience the sport early on in hopes to have the same success as he did.


Already purchased a ticket?
Forward to a friend who will help us meet our goal!


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