2017 CXC Marathon Cup Series

Presented by AVANT Techno

Join the competitive spirit this winter to showcase your training preparations, endurance, strength and determination by registering as a competitor in the 2017 CXC Marathon Cup!

The series begins with the Seely Hills Classic 42km race on January 14, 2017.


The Cup encompasses six most prominent marathons in the Midwest (MN, WI, MI) into one unified competition.

No registration required to earn individual CXC Marathon Cup points. Anyone participating in a Cup race is automatically scored for the overall, age-indexed, and age-group awards. However, registration is encouraged. Help support skiing and ski racing in the Central division!

Register as a 2016-17 CXC Supporter member.

Two final winners will be honored with high prestige upon receiving the coveted CXC Marathon Cup overall title along with monetary rewards granted at each race. Other top finishers will also become eligible for the Masters Fantasy Camp and individual rewards at each race in the series.




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