Harford Ski Spectacular Adaptive Race Camp Recap

Last week CXC adaptive ski coach Martin Donegan traveled to Colorado with CXC adaptive skier Brenden Ojibway to attend the Hartford Ski Spectacular Race Camp.

The camp is an opportunity for athletes and coaches to learn and perfect their skills in a variety of winter sports including snowboarding, skiing, hockey and curling. Athletes across the country come to for training and to forge new bonds with other athletes as they continue their pursuit of excellence.


To see and listen to such motivated athletes has helped me understand how to coach such a diverse population of abilities. The bond of friendship and sportsmanship is strengthened at events like these. We hope to participated next year and continue to grow our involvement in The Hartford Ski Spectacular Race Camp.

– commented Martin Donegan, CXC Adaptive Ski Coach


Brenden, who attended the camp for the first time, was not only able to train twice a day on snow, but learned countless information regarding the sport from U.S. Paralympic Coaches BethAnn Chamberlain and Rob Rosser.

On the fourth day a time trial and a 4-person biathlon relay were held to showcase “in race” skills. Athletes completed a set of sharp turns over a short loop at high speeds into the range completing two laps. Paralympic hopefuls from Great Britain’s Ex Service Members Para-Nordic team participated and helped push athletes to their best during the trials.

– commented Martin Donegan


A typical day at the camp for Marty and Brenden consisted of a 9am morning workout with a focus of on-snow drills. Drills included agility courses, handling speed and navigating turns in the sit-ski. After a midday break for lunch athletes headed back out for a second session followed by a recap on drills learned throughout the day.

Once the programmed workout sessions were over athletes had the option to free ski or test their biathlon skills.

“Athletes were encouraged to do a short circuit and come in to shoot under the watchful eye of Rob Rosser. Learning techniques for breathing and stance, which is not especially easy in a sit ski.” –Martin Donegan


For any inquiries or questions regarding CXC Adaptive Program, please contact Martin Donegan

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