Marathon Cup After 4th Stop

MORA, MINNESOTA – Another unseasonably warm marathon complete with a lot of artificial snow. The 58K freestyle event was close relative to the previous marathons this season in the men’s categotry.

Matthew Liebsch completed the course in 2:03:12.15 maintaining his spot at the top of the podium. Second place went to Andrew Brown with a time of 2:06:05.32 and Cory Ellertson rounded out top three by fractions of a second with a time of 2:06:05.53.

For the 58k women’s race Alice Flanders won with a time of 2:18:29.58 followed by Canadian Isabella Howden with 2:22:31.67 and Jan Guenther in third not far behind (2:22:45.84).

In the 35k Freestyle men top three were separates by mere seconds. Paul Olson took the lead in by less than one second (1:07:13.24) ahead of Nathan Porath (1:07:14.04) who was a second ahead of Joseph Martin (1:07:15.27).

On the women’s side, Laura Cattaneo took the lead in 1:14:16.62, just two seconds behind was Ashley Herman in 1:14:18.83 and third was Margie Nelson in a time a 1:16:12.93

The 42k Classic men’s division title this weekend went to Steven Scoles (1:55:01.41) A close second went to Evan Pengelly completing the course in 1:55:05.68. Third went to Justin Pavlish (1:56:37.91).

On the women’s side Kathleen DeWahl completed the course in 2:08:17.85, Josie Nilsson took second in 2:11:36.87 and Kate Ellis took a close third in 2:12:08:16.


Saturday, March 11, 2017 Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon, Calumet, MI


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