CXC Marathon Cup Standings Announced

Final Point Rankings Released

With the conclusion of the CXC Marathon Cup Series presented by AVANT Techo, come the final point rankings.

After an unseasonable warm winter with questionable snow, the grand finale weekend proved a relative success at the UP Health System Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon in Calumet, MI.

The Series which includes races within each of the three main central states (Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota) is sanctioned and scored by Central Cross Country Ski Association.

The Marathon Cup Series awards four competition categories, Individual Overall, Individual Age-Indexed overall, Individual Age Class and Team.



Matt Liebsch
Chris Pappathopoulos
Krystof Kopal


Isabella Howden
Felicia Gesior
Alice Flanders




Matt Liebsch
Michael Mandli
Chris Pappathopoulos


Isabella Howden
Felicia Gesior
Jan Guenther



MEN 0-29

– Kristof Kopal

– Kieran Jones

– David Joda

MEN 30-39

-Matt Liebsch

-Chris Pappathopoulos

-Daniel Luoma

MEN 40-49

– Jacob Kjome

– Terrence Maag

– Eric Brandt

MEN 50-59

– Ray Johnson

– Piotr Bednarski

– Allen Hanson

MEN 60-69

– Michael Mandli

– Terry Tansey

– Randal Bladel

MEN 70 +

-Donn Christensen

-Ernie Brumbaugh

-Charles Duede

WOMEN 0-29

– Isabella Howden

– Felicia Gesior

– Alice Flanders

WOMEN 30-39

-Nicole Harvey

– Kathleen Dewahl

– Elaine Nelson

WOMEN 40-49

– Sherry Martin

– Kim Rudd

– Bonnie Weiskopf Albrecht

WOMEN 50-59

– Jan Guenther

– Leslie Hale

– Sandra Pera

WOMEN 60-69

– Melissa Behr

– Maddie McAlister

– Carol Markham-Cousins

“Despite all of the weather related challenges thrown at event organizers and volunteers this year, it was great to see the Avant Tecno CXC Marathon Cup grow and mature.

The level of competition definitely increased with more appearances from skiers with World Cup and World Championship experience, as well as college skiers and skiers coming down from Canada.

Fortunately the ability of some events to hold races on man made snow has grown dramatically in just the last year allowing for safe and competitive races where previously they might have been canceled or held on much less than ideal courses.

Due to the commitment of the Midwest skiing community the future looks bright for the series regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.”

– Chris Pappathopoulos BNS 


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